Asus A43SJ - VX499D White - 14" - 500 GB Laptop

Asus A43SJ - VX499D White - 14" - 500 GB

AsusA43SJ with Intel Core i3 2330M Laptop, 2 GB DDR3 RAM and supported by a 14 inc LED and is designed with a slim shape that is not too heavy for him to go with your day while working on the task, completing office work or browsing. With SRS premium sound technology that is able to produce a clear sound from the speakers of this laptop.

Support Asus Ice Cool technology makes cool palm rest area. This product also won the award for the IF Desaign chiclet ergonomic keyboard design that is easy to clean. With all the features of this laptop, this laptop is one of the best laptop at an affordable price.

Sturdy, Luxury and Anti Fingerprint
Frame is made of aluminum and high quality materials and also do not leave fingerprints on the surface of this laptop.
Luxury design make you confident while carrying a laptop is a laptop for traveling as well as the robustness of the materials used to make this laptop can hold when used in a long time.

Anti-Dust design, with the Accuracy Typing Better and Convenience
Design chiclet keyboard, winning the iF Award, as well as improve accuracy and provide more comfort. Anti-dust design to minimize the entry of dust into the laptop that causes damage to the laptop.

Performance Acceleration for Visual Processing for a More Realistic 3D display
Intel Core processor that is optimized for laptops. Can be relied upon to open applications simultaneously. For graphics and gaming come with NVIDIA GeForce GT 520M has support DirectX 11 ready to meet the needs of multimedia and gaming.

ASUS Power4Gear
Batteries that last up to 5 hours on a single fill. Asus Power4Gear offers the power and control that is easy to understand. CPU frequency and brightness are reduced automatically to extend battery life. There are eight profiles can be selected as super performance, high performance, games, presentation, quiet offoce, DVD movie, CD audio, and battery saving.

Higher Sound Quality
With SRS premium sound technology that is able to produce a clear sound from the speakers of this laptop. Altec Lansing speakers with SRS technology is also equipped with the ASUS Sonic Focus software that pamper your ears with the sound quality.

Spoiling the video's and Multi-Channel Digital Voice
HDMI provides a single cable solution with standard video quality HD video and multi-channel digital audio for easy data transfer and play HD content in a variety of media that are compatible with this laptop.

Make Typing Area Palm Rest and Stay Cool
With double-sided motherboard design heat-producing, away from your Mobile coverage. With temperature heat pipe and fan palm rest and typing area so the temperature of the laptop will feel cold, even when taken with a long time.

Preventing Wrong Input from Touchpad
Can distinguish hand finger with a surface that makes you avoid accidentally shifting the cursor while typing. Windows automatically disable the touchpad when a USB mouse is connected.

Increasingly Easy to use with Input More Accurate, complete with Scroll, Rotate and Zoom
You can scroll through web pages with two fingers and three functioning fingers to right click. It is very useful for those of you who do presentations, research or multimedia.
ASUS A43SJ using large touchpad (85mmx50mm) that makes your fingers free to dance on it. Multi-touch input integrated further facilitate your work and get almost the same accuracy as when using a mouse.

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