Samsung NP900X3A-A01ID Black - 13.3" Laptop

Samsung presents the Samsung notebook Series 9 NP900X3A-A01ID with screens 13.3 "and the weight. Use duralumin base material which is the base material used in aircraft, this netbook is two times stronger than aluminum, but with a weight below 1.5 kg.

This notebook has a unique feature where you can menonakti it without pressing the button. Simply close the lid and it will enable this Sleep Mode. And when you open it again, it will light up in a matter of 3 seconds in the place where you last left it.

With an Intel Core i5-2537M, 4 GB DDR3 RAM and Intel HD Graphics 3000, you will feel the optimization of power management when you are playing the latest 3D games, editing or are compressing video in HD format and even multi-tasking.

Features Multi-Touch SuperButton
With multi-touch SuperButton ClickPad a new look, enjoy the convenience of doing 21 types of movements such as pinching, scrolling and rotating. Not only that, with the addition of 3D Image Sensing technology, will be more intuitive to navigate.

Duralumin, New Definition Waivers
Series 9 is designed with the thought of high mobility, equipped with a complete duralumin materials and exceptional durability. Duralumin have force two times stronger than aluminum, though mild. Series 9 has a backlit keyboard, a brilliant LCD display and multi-touch ClickPad large, and looks elegant from every angle. Series 9 is a look that is minimalist, simple and sophisticated.

Samsung's SuperBright screen
If you always update to the latest HD movies and games, then Samsung's SuperBright screen, with 400nit brightness, will transform your experience. You can enjoy HD movies, games and other favorite media very well, even when exposed to direct sunlight you can still watch with no annoying reflections.

Powerful Performance
With the new variant of the Intel Core i5 processor, you can optimize power management when you are playing the latest 3D games, editing and shrink the size of a large picture or HD video, or multi-tasking. Samsung's Series 9 has Turbo Boost Technology which accelerates your PC's performance by intuitively allocating CPU processing power when you need it.

128 GB Solid State Drive
128 GB solid state drive (SSD) provides a large space for storage, lower power consumption and improved performance with less noise and heat output. Chances are you to lose data is also decreased due to the SDD having no moving parts. Boot up 60% faster than a hard disk drive (HDD). You'll get less power usage, faster data access and higher reliability.

Technology Fast Start
You do not have time to wait for PC to shut down and power up. With Samsung's Fast Start technology, simply close and enter sleep mode hybrid. When you open the lid, the laptop will turn on in less than 3 seconds.

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